What is Trance?:

Trance is so much more than music... Trance is a passion... Trance is a dream... Trance is a lifestyle...

Trance is not a genre of music, but instead, a flow, an element. A true conveyance of human expression, culture, and diversity. Trance is not a genre of music, Trance is a way of music which gives expression to euphoric emotions from within yourself.

Once you have Trance, you can turn it into whatever you want. Trance is the epitome of sound, the sound human was looking for, but instead that sound ended up creating itself.

That sound is a state of mind which gives you a form of positive energy to go on and it should be shared with the ones you love. It's a lifestyle, a habit, fed by listening to any trance tune which catches your heart and mind.

Whilst some music raises questions, Trance remains the answer that carries you into anything and nothing at the same time. It drags you into emotions from beyond. it feeds your every need. It heals you when you're sick, it's like a natural medicine. Trance is music in it's purest form, containing a truth that was already inside you, ready to reveal itself to the world.

It's like the forbidden fruit. It's taste is sweeter than you've ever had before, but you can never completely make it yours. Trance is like an universal language of life and understanding. A language which everybody speaks throughout their emotions.

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In Love With Trance Mood/

In Love With Trance Mood

Pure Trance is a feeling, a passion which exists outside of contemporary musical fads and fashions.

It is the bringing together of millions of fans for whom this music is a way of life.


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Review of SpringFest2018

Another year, another SpringFest!

This year was very unfortunate because Factor B got food poisoning and was not able to perform at out event but Ciaran McAuley kindly played extended set. In general music played was out of this world and Richard Durand performed an epic In Search of Sunrise set in Classics Room. Till next year with bigger and better ideas + line up!

Voodoo Lounge had 2 rooms and we used one room for classics and Mr. Scott Bond played great classics set there. In main room The Thrillseekers was showcasing hs amazing artist album "Escaoe" plus John Askew played his high bpm energetic set and Shugz closed off.

In general great night what saw many happy clubbers and there is more to come soon ...

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